We consider ourselves the caretakers of our clients websites and we hold the responsibility of keeping them secure from miscreants and bad actors a top priority. That is why no shortcuts are taken when it comes to securing WPMilk client sites.

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WordPress Security

The WordPress platform is extremely popular and therefore this makes it a target for many would be hackers and miscreants. That is why it is so essential that you keep your installation of WordPress, themes and plugins all up to date. This is a core part of the WPMilk service. There is much more you can do to secure your site however, and as well as regular security scans WPMilk clients are provided a host of security plugins to help guard their site against bad actors.

Firewalls & Filters

We provide all our clients with fully installed and configured security plugins as part of the proprietary WPMilk framework which we can install alongside any hosted WordPress solution. Our plugin has been tested against over 28,000 possible combinations of themes and plugins without any conflicts. We can secure your WordPress against over 137 known security threat vectors.

The Security Features

Security is a priority

We inspect for security flaws

Proprietary Security Plugins Supplied

Industry leading firewall installed

Smart anti-spam technology

Stealth security settings

Security Enhancement Labs

All security scans reviewed by experts

Regular as clockwork security scans

We utilise solutions from leading vendors including Sucuri

Our Approach to Security


We will create backups of your site, its content, the database and all stylesheets and related settings



A full security scan is performed against your site and all files



We use a multitude of techniques to harden your Wordpress installation against unwanted intrusion, defacement and security concerns



Regular security scans, updates and reviews ensures your site remains as secure as possible at all times


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