Support Polices & Fair Usage

Passionate Support

We are very proud of our aftercare and support. We offer a number of free benefits and services in the spirit of a harmonious relationship which maximises the potential for our clients success at minimal or no additional cost.

Services including free support, updates, free hosting, bonus premium support packages are all subject to cancellation for various reasons including late payment of due invoices, removal of ‘developed by’ or ‘powered by’ notices, untrue or unfair statements made about our business or where your using our service to create a directly competing service. Reselling of our services and resources to third parties without prior written agreement is strictly prohibited.

Support Fair Usage Policy

Our unlimited support policy should not be abused and is subject to fair usage limits.

30 Emails Per Calendar month is 100x More than the average WPMilk Client contacts us. We reserve the right to stop responding to requests until the next calendar month if this occurs.

We also reserve the right to require you to direct all support requests through our ticket based support system.

Please refer to the terms of your support agreement for guaranteed response times.

Abuse of any service puts your account at risk of immediate suspension. Abusive communications will not be tolerated.