The Basics of Google Drive

The Basics of Google Drive

Google have come up with variety of features and functions which are proving essential to many when migrating essential desktop functionality to the cloud. Google ensure that all kinds of online work are managed quickly and efficiently.


The Google drive is one of the various services that you get from Google. One gets 15 GB of free space in their Google driver when they sign up for the free Gmail account. The Gmail account is the key to every type of Google services possible. With the Google drive one can virtually store various files, folders, media, photo and much more in their profile itself. The Google drive is a virtual drive that has 15 GB free space for the users where they can store every type of document in cloud storage and use them as necessary.

One can create multiple folders in the Google drive to organize their documents. The steps are easy. Go to the and click and hold the items which you want to move in a particular folder. Press shift+z on the keyboard and then select the folder where you want to move it or choose the option for creating new folder and a folder would be created. You can find various tabs for opening the Google docs, Google sheets and slide show on the Google chrome home page. Once you click the respective tab you can simply create a new file and put it to use like the conventional document files and sheets.

Once you have created a file and wish to share it with someone, click the share button on the top right corner of the page. Once you click it a dialogue box would be provided to you where need to enter the contact or the Gmail address of the person with whom you wish to share the file ad click share. If you wish to allow the person to edit the fileFind Article, you can also select the specific options as per requirement. You can get sharable links as well in Google drive. Select the file and the click on the shareable link option. Be sure that the switch you click was green and at the right. A link would be copied on your clipboard.

One can also rename the files in the Google drive. Simply right click the file to be renamed and then change the name. Similarly you can delete a file permanently in Google drive as well.