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Andrew Whitehouse

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Optimise my website design


I want to optimise my currently static website front page by adding some simple visual effects and add a blog widget & potentially a youtube video on the front page by shuffling the design around a bit.
The template is a square-space site so you’ll be able to log in to my site and make the changes.What I want essentially is,- simple lighting effects, lightning flashes in the mountains on the background image
– add a blog widget in a reasonable place that won’t clutter the design but can have “daily thoughts” type content
– add a YouTube video on the front page (possibly in the middle of the page) – same as before, shouldn’t clutter the design and auto play when the

There will be some back and forth to get the sizing and positioning right and will take your guidance on that.

This task also requires SEO optimisation so that people using Google to search for phrases like.
– “Film composer Australia”
– “Soundtrack composer Australia”
– “Game soundtrack composer Australia”
And the above with “Sydney” as an option, and combinations of will get my site as an option when they search.


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“Nely was really helpful and gave me lots of options about what I could do with my website. Highly recommended”

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